Hotels Recommended during Chengdu Session

Shangri-La Hotel Qingdao



A hallmark of opulence

radiates an eternal charm


As you stand by the window of your suite, the opaline colours of an azure sea and sandy beaches remind you again of where you are. You take a deep breath as your hands waltz across the tasteful furnishings. Hints of a muted fragrance caress you gently. In all of scenic Qingdao, there is only one place  synonymous with luxury – Shangri-La Hotel, Qingdao.  

Lobby of the exclusive Valley Wing

The day begins with a pampering massage at the hotel’s spa. The masseuse’s expert techniques invigorate your mind and body. You are now in excellent shape to begin exploring this European-inspired coastal city.

Zhongshan Road, just minutes away from the hotel, marks your first stop. You marvel at the hundreds of shops and put your bargaining skills to the test, selecting a few memorabilia to treasure. At the beach in the cool afternoon, you contemplate the deep blue horizon amidst merrymaking families and young couples.

Back at the hotel, you head to Shang Palace –Shangri-La’s signature restaurant – for dinner. The restaurant represents elegance with a dash of panache and is matched by outstanding service. With a menu as majestic as the hotel itself, you enjoy a delicate meal handcrafted for the discerning few.

The day has been enchanting, and you return to the unsurpassed comforts of your room. Outside the window, the dazzling spectacle of mountains in the distance takes you on a wondrous journey into the timeless realm of a classical Chinese painting. You smile in contentment as you drift off to sleep.

Embrace the magic that lies within Shangri-La Hotel, Qingdao.  


  9 Xiang Gang Zhong Lu, Qingdao, 266071, China




City Wing Deluxe Room

Valley Wing Executive Room

All participants of the Fair can enjoy special discounts